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“Would you like to be able to truly connect with your horse, build their self confidence, increase their capacity to learn, encourage positive thoughts and actions, encourage willingness and bring out the best qualities in your horse – qualities that are already there but lay dormant or covered up by learned behaviors?”

You now have the chance to travel with Master Horseman Shane Ransley as he visits with 6 troubled horses.  As you watch Shane help them work through their troubles with trailer loading, you will get the chance to see how ‘Release Focused Training’ works, by giving the horses the chance to make decisions and choose their own actions, rather than making or demanding they do our bidding.  See the horses’ self confidence and calmness grow, even as Shane asks them to face their greatest fears.
Discover the principals behind the RFT method and see how they apply to your horse, in not only ground work but in all you will ever do with your horse and the horses you are yet to meet. Invest in your knowledge, develop your feel and improve your timing by getting your copy of the  6 horses in 60 Minutes videos today. ….. Phone our office now on 07 5630 1481   start with 016 if you are out of Australia


is a quality that all good horsemen admire and constantly pursue with their own horses.  Someone who has a good feel for horses will find their horses are much more willing because of it.  And they will have a far stronger connection with horses that builds trust and confidence in their relationship. Feel can be found on a lead rope and on the reins in the physical sense.  But it can also be present when you are just near a horse.  This is when you know you are on the right track – when your connection with the horses around you makes them become calm and confident.


is vital to your horse finding comfort and getting their reward from you. Just watching this video will improve your timing as you learn about how and when to release, and what body movements and behavior to reward in your horse.
This video series is about more than just trailer loading.  It is the philosophy of success with horses, and it will show you real life situations of horses learning to overcome their instincts and become the calm thinking partners that we dream of them being.


comes from making successful decisions.  In Release Focused Training we develop the horse’s left brain thoughts, which in turn encourages them to put even more effort into making decisions, and thinking their way through the tasks that we ask them to do.  As their knowledge and understanding of us and our tasks grow, so does their confidence.  So much so that they will happily do what ever we ask as they trust us.

The 6 horses in 60 Minutes

videos will show you how to improve your feel and timing, and build your confidence as your understanding of horses grows.  Each horse is a little different and you will get the chance to see how to work with them all.  Be amazed as you watch each horse transform before your eyes from being scared or aggressive to a willing partner.

Purchase your copy now and we will post it out straight away.  Don’t waste any more time – both we and your horse want you to be the best horseman you can be, so you can enjoy the self confidence, safety, connection and fun that comes with being a great horseman.

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Release Focused Training
6 Horses in 60 Minutes is an 8 DVD series with,

  • a feature DVD which includes a preview of the training of each horse
  • a Release Focused Training DVD which has a collection of some of the great philosophies covered in all the training videos
  • 6 full length DVD’s with behind the scenes horse training video, where you get to experience each horse’s journey and see how Release Focused Training works for them


Many other people spend their lives scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get a connection with a horse…but after you watch these DVDs you won’t be…you will know exactly what to do and when to do it…no matter what the situation!