Welcome to Quantum Savvy Horsemanship

Quantum Savvy Horsemanship is an online learning program that focuses on the person developing the skills that their horse requires.

To help our students with the development of these skills we have developed quality products that help with education and the application of natural horsemanship.

All of our equipment is especially designed and made by Quantum Savvy.

Our rope is designed and tensioned for horse training and heat treated for durability and a long lasting smooth feel by QS. Our rope will help you feel for your horse and improve the timing of your release which is the main skill that horses learn from.

Our DVD and Book Range guide you step by step in developing your horsemanship skills, we also have DVD's that give you an overview of horse training like Footfalls, Colt Starting, Halter Training even Barefoot Hoof Trimming.

As Horsemen and Horsewomen we are always looking for quality clothing which you will find here also.

Please enjoy shopping with us and if you have any queries please do contact us