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  • Recent Posts

    • REMINDER - zoom chat tomorrow night (Wednesday Aug 12th) at 6.30pm for a QSE2020 update.   Please follow the link below to join us.   https://us04web.zoom.us/j/8219007477?pwd=QWhLaUREaVNHWTY3Z0lzV0U4eWJLQT09
    • Hi , we are in to week 4, the top picture is last week and second is just now the vet has just left the ucler is shrinking "YEE "very happy. We haven't gone to any extreme vet horse husbandry  (tubes, sowing of the 3rd lid ) all which was freaking me out so its just been drops and gels as often as i can get them in her eye. Getting the potion in her eye has been easy with the QS foundation's no mucking around just using release and reward . Thanks girls for your thoughts . Wishing everyone safe days ahead look after one's self and keep a "eye" on your horse's  .
    • Sorry everyone......no Horse Chat with Meredith this morning. We've been flat out in the office filming for this week's Harmony in Motion camp and we have a fabulous event lined up for everyone. The huge job of editing and production is now underway. Next week we'll be doing the same to prepare for all of the UK/Europe virtual events so it'll be a couple of weeks before I am back again. I'm very sorry to miss the chats with you all but I hope to see you at one of the many virtual events I have over the coming months. Have a great week of horsing and I look forward to catching up with everyone again soon.
    • Poor girl Simone, how is she going now? 
    • Event Title: Harmony In Motion Ridden Virtual Camp Event Author: mel Calendar: Ransley Events Event Date: 08/08/2020 08:45 AM to 08/11/2020 05:00 PM Harmony in Motion Ridden Virtual camp with Meredith Ransley - August 8th to 11th 2020, Learn how horses and humans can move together in perfect harmony and develop natural flexion.Would you like to be the picture of perfect harmony with your horse? To look like matching dance partners?Would you like your communication with your horse to feel light, responsive and effortless? And when you ride, to feel that cushion of air that carries you along in perfect rhythm with your horse?Harmony in Motion is about understanding the way horses move, how riders move and how the two of us can move together in unison. Horses and humans are polar opposites but by understanding and observing our differences and working with them, we can become totally in tune with our horses; mentally, emotionally and physically.Harmony in Motion teaches you how to have your online phases low and light, and at liberty almost imperceptible yet clear. And in the saddle, to move together softly, smoothly and with just a suggestion. No heaviness, no weight in the reins, just your focus and release. Beautiful.In this camp, we'll build on from the ground work portion of HiM study to focus on achieving harmony in the saddle in bareback and contact riding. Developing collection and elevation naturally through our seat, position and feel.Harmony In Motion is an integral part of the Quantum Savvy programme. This camp will accelerate you through your levels and develop your feel and clear communication, as well as hugely enhance your contact riding and your horse's self carriage.Virtual Camp costs: (4 days) $750 Each day, participants will enjoy 6 zoom chats with Meredith that include pre-recorded videos of upcoming tasks along with 4 practise sessions. Riders will have set tasks for each practise session and the opportunity to video 2 of these tasks each day for group discussion and Voice over Video feedback by Meredith PLUS you can submit two assignments over the course of the weekend for VOV by Meredith. And, being a virtual event the entire weekend will be recorded, giving all riders and auditors the chance to revisit, refresh and further learn indefinitely after the weekend is over. Auditor $280 for the 4 days Get FULL ACCESS to everything we do during the clinic. That means that if you are able to join in on the chats live, you can be an active part of the discussions. Plus...all the chats are recorded including all of the videos we look at together, complete notes are taken and kept in our group PM and all of the videos are stored on one channel meaning you can go back and watch, see, listen and read THE FULL EVENT in your own time when you are ready and as often as you like. A $300 deposit is now due to secure your position. Final balances due July 10th 2020. 10 positions only available. Harmony In Motion Ridden Virtual Camp
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